The Helen Keller School
Public School 153
Grades K-4

650 Baychester Avenue
Bronx, NY 10475
Phone: (718)904-5550
Fax: (718)904-5564
Julia E. Swann
Assistant to the Principal
Mary Ann Milano
Supervisor of Special Education
Josephine Rondi

Public School 153 Parentsí Association
President: : Leslie Pottinger
Phone: (718)379-8566

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Mission Statement

Extended Day Programs

Community Outreach Programs

Special Projects & Programs

Special Recognition

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Mission Statement

 P.S. 153 is committed to creating a climate which promotes achievement of high academic standards and the pursuit of excellence. Our riskier learning environment will ensure that all children will be
motivated to face the challenges of the new millennium and become independent, critical thinkers,
problem solvers and lifelong learners. They will learn to be caring individuals that develop an
appreciation and respect for cultural diversity. Through cooperation and participation of parents and
the school community, our children will become productive citizens and leaders of tomorrow.
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Extended Day Programs
  • Project Read
  • Fit for Life
  • Test Preparation
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Community Outreach Programs
  • Interfaith Volunteers
  • Day Care/Senior Citizen Outreach
  • Fourth Grade Community
  • Involvement Project
  • Activities with local middle and high schools
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Special Projects & Programs
  • Mondo/BEL Literacy Program
  • Aussie Literacy Program
  • Reading Marathon Club
  • Book of the Month Club
  • P.S. 153 Book Store
  • Stock Market Game
  • Baseball Tivy
  • Chess
  • Project Arts
  • Music Outreach
  • N.Y.C. Ballet
  • Lincoln Center Program
  • Arts Genesis
  • Fit for Life Program
  • Weather Watch Program
  • Student Government
  • Learning For Life Program
  • Peer Mediation
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    Special Recognition
    Listed in Parent's Guide To The Most Effective Schools in N.Y.C.
    Language Arts Honor Roll
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    Additional Information
    • Barrier-Free School
    • General
    • Gifted
    • Special Education Classes
    • 504 Accommodations
    • Hearing Impaired Services
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