ACHEBE, CHINUA A study guide to Chinua Achebe’s novel, Things Fall Apart. Another excellent web
page devoted to Things Fall Apart from Central Oregon Community College. another very good
web page on Things Fall Apart. This
web page contains many useful links for the student of African literature.

ALGHIERI, DANTE "This online exhibition presents Renaissance editions of Dante's Divine Comedy from the John A. Zahm, C.S.C., Dante Collection at the University of Notre Dame, together with selected treasures from The Newberry Library." Medieval Italian poet and author of The Divine Comedy; everything you want to know is  here: biographical information, electronic texts, associated artwork, scholarly articles, even a list of the books he read. Don't miss the interesting "Play Dante: Condemn or Deify Contemporary Public Figures!" Searchable.

ALLENDE, ISABEL A brief but concise guide to the life and work of Isabel Allende An interesting interview with Allende from Mother Jones Magazine.

ANDERSON, SHERWOOD A brief but very informative essay on Anderson’s life and work. The Sherwood Anderson Page. This is a good place to start online research on Anderson. Has lots of useful links.

ANGELOU, MAYA A page on Maya Angelou with a bibliography, an essay by her and an interview. .

ATWOOD, MARGARET A good study guide for The Handmaid’s Tale. Includes a biography, information about her habits as a writer, lists of prizes won, and a review of secondary criticism. Hosted by the University College of the Cariboo in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, this Margaret Atwood information site is a project of the Margaret Atwood Society, an international association of academics who study and teach the works of the Canadian writer, Margaret Atwood. A nice page on Atwood’s life and career, with numerous links. Simple, and easy to use.

AUSTEN, JANE Austen Information Page)
Page devoted to the author with dozens of useful links.

BABBIT, NATALIE Teacher cyberguide to Babbit’s novel, Tuck Everlasting. A good study guide for this novel which can be used for younger students.

BALDWIN, JAMES “Welcome to the Internet School Library Media Center James Baldwin page. You will find biography, bibliography, e-texts, lesson plans and other resources. The ISLMC is a preview site for teachers, librarians, parents and students. You can search this site, use an index or sitemap.” A superlative website on Baldwin with everything you could possibly need. Two excellent online study guides for Nobody Knows My Name and The Fire Next Time.

BECKETT, SAMUEL Well organized group of links, including a short bio, timeline, Beckett Society, and bibliographic information on Beckett works, criticism and biographies.

BIERCE, AMBROSE Includes a biographical sketch, links on works available online, and an annotated listing of critical and information Websites.

BORGES, J.L. Maintained by “The Great Quail,” this website is devoted to one of the most mysterious and erudite authors to come out of South America. Another very nicely done page on Borges, by Paul Willenberg of Swarthmore College. Well researched with some good links.

BRADBURY, RAY The Ballantine Teacher’s Guide to Fahrenheit 451.  Excellent summary of the novel’s main themes and characters. “The goal of this page is to provide information about Ray Bradbury and his work to scholars, researchers, students, and fans. It includes comprehensive bibliographic and biographic information, up-to-date news, and related data.”
A very useful study guide for The Martian Chronicles from Paul Brians at Washington State University. An excellent study guide to Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451.

BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - SparkNotes for Jane Eyre. An extensive, well organized study guide from KIDREACH (“The Online Reading Center”) A nicely organized website devoted to Charlotte Bronte. Information and links about Anne, Charlotte, and Emily Brontë.

BUCK, PEARL S. Provides biographical information and a useful study guide for The Good Earth. Another very good website on Pearl S. Buck. Lots of biographical information and good links. A page containing a series of essay topics and critical commentaries on The Good Earth. -winters  A fairly good teacher cyberguide to The Good Earth.

BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S. - (The William S. Burroughs Files) - THE
BURROUGHS FILE:  is an  electronic reference guide to works of William Seward Burroughs, his literary works, recordings, film, video appearances, and other publications.

BRONTE, EMILY - A nice website devoted to Wuthering Heights, with essays, links, a chronology and a list of characters. - Spark Notes to Wuthering Heights.

CAMUS, ALBERT - Even with the frames (annoying)  I found this to be an excellent website on the life and work of Camus.

CAPOTE, TRUMAN - Mainly dedicated to the new-journalistic novel In Cold Blood, this site also has biographical information and other points of interest about Truman Capote. Also supplies information about other Capote novels like Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

CARROLL, LEWIS - "Welcome to the Lewis Carroll home page. We hope to provide useful information for the Carroll enthusiast as well as the novice and all those in between.  Cyberspace seems a suitable home for information regarding the man who didn't want his true identity linked to his best work."  Includes texts, graphics, and biographical information.

CATHER, WILLA - Includes biography, photos, primary and secondary bibliography, links to texts online, reviews, and more. Maintained by Scott Newstrom, Harvard University. - The SCORE cyberguide to My Antonia, with a number of lessons, activities and links. - Another excellent study guide to
My Antonia, from Random House.

CHAUCER, GEOFFREY (The Chaucer MetaPage) - A good starting place for Chaucer research on the web. (Chaucer) - A very good page on Chaucer, hosted by Washington State University. Also has an extensive database of images on medieval life and culture. - Some very fine links for readers of Chaucer and students of the middle ages. - A set of useful links geared towards the study of medieval society and culture. - The SCORE cyberguide for The Canterbury Tales. - A very reliable set of links and lessons on introducing The Canterbury Tales, courtesy of Kimmy Smith.

CHOPIN, KATE - A good biographical summary of Chopin’s life with an extensive bibliography. - Another good Chopin website, devoted exclusively to her novel, The Awakening. - "Late 19th-century American novelist Kate Chopin satirized women writers in three of her novels." Contains: Criticism

COLERIDGE, S.T. - Coleridge poetry, timeline, bibliography, an online 200-year old dictionary, and other internet aids.

COLLINS, WILKIE - This site has some eclectic information about Collins: a list of works by him, a bibliography of biographies of him, some links to electronic texts, some pictures, a few of his comments about Charles Dickens, some pictures of Collins, and a copy of his will. Contains: Bibliography, Works List, Commentary, Pictures, Works Available - This chronology covers Collins' personal life and travels as well as his literary achievements. - This brief biography focuses on Collins' literary achievements. "This page is an except [used with permission] from Macmillan History of Literature - Nineteenth-Century English
Literature written by Margaret Stonyk."

CONRAD, JOSEPH - The official website of The Joseph Conrad Society (UK) -Website of The Joseph Conrad Foundation. A very scholarly format. - SparkNotes to Heart of Darkness - A fine online study guide for Heart of Darkness.

CRANE, HART - Contains many useful strategies for teaching Hart Crane’s poetry. - This site features the Hart Crane WebBridge, a gathering place for scholars and artists with a shared interest in the poetry and life of Hart Crane.

CRANE, STEPHEN - Study guide for teaching The Red Badge of Courage in conjunction with the movie. Contains good teacher resources. - SparkNotes to The Red Badge of Courage - Sponsored by The Department of English at The United States Air Force Academy. Includes Crane texts, American Civil War resources, and conference information. - This site contains contemporary criticism of Stephen Crane's story The Red Badge of Courage. It also links to information about the Battle at Chancellorsville, paintings, and bibliography. Contains: Historical Context

DANTICAT, EDWIDGE - A short summary of  Danticat’s novel Breath, Eyes, Memory with some good discussion questions.

DICKENS, CHARLES - The Dickens Project of the University
of California is a scholarly consortium devoted to promoting the study and enjoyment of
the life, times, and work of Charles Dickens.  Internationally recognized as the premier
center for Dickens studies in the world, the Project consists of faculty and graduate
students from the eight general campuses of the University of California as well as from
other major American and international universities. - Another excellent
website on Charles Dickens. - Maintained by Mitsuharu Matsuoka, Nagoya University. Includes extensive links to materials from around the Web, including bibliography, texts, biography, discussions, images and more. - Teacher CyberGuide to Great Expectations.  Well conceived lessons and activities. - A good study guide and links useful for Great Expectations from Kimmy Smith. - SparkNotes for A Tale of Two Cities.

DICKINSON, EMILY - “Although it is currently brief, in the future it will contain information about her life and poetry, the Emily Dickinson International Society, research about her work, and so forth." - Sponsored by the Emily Dickinson International Society, The EmilyDickinson Journal showcases the poet at the center of current critical practices and perspectives, providing an ongoing examination of Dickinson and her relation to the tradition of American poetry and women's literature.  From Project Muse, a gateway to over 40 Johns Hopkins University Press's scholarly journals via the Internet's World Wide Web. Available only on LSU Campus or through LSU Unix or Tiger accounts.

DORRIS, MICHAEL - A biographical essay on Dorris with an accompanying interview. - From The Hungry Mind Review, an essay by Dorris entitled “Mixed Blood.” - A page of resources and links on Michael Dorris, from the Internet Public Library.

DOSTOYEVSKY, FYODOR - A nice compilation of information from around the web, including criticism, bibliography, and chronology.
DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - A very well organized and extensive resource for information on Du Maurier’s life and career.

ELIOT, T.S. - Includes a list poems, plays, prose, and essays; allows the user to perform keyword searches in specific works. - This site provides information on American poet T.S. Eliot.  Includes a biography, a bibliography, and poetry by Eliot.  Also includes links to other related sites.

EMECHETA, BUCHI - A good website on Emecheta, despite the fact that it is under construction. Still worth a look. - Contains a good biographical essay on Emecheta.

FAULKNER, WILLIAM - A marvelous website devoted to William Faulkner, with the focus on Yoknapatawtha County and its place in his work. - A reliable study guide to Faulkner’s novel,
As I Lay Dying. - This website offers study guides and teacher resources for three Faulkner novels: Absalom, Absalom,
As I Lay Dying, and The Sound and the Fury. Excellent and well thought out. - This is a web page for Teaching Faulkner, an educational publication geared towards educators. Teaching Faulkner, edited by Robert Hamblin and Charles Peek, is published twice annually by the Center for Faulkner Studies, Southeast Missouri State University. Website is linked to recent articles which have been reprinted here for use. - A set of essay topics, critical commentaries, and a number of links pertaining to Light in August.

FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - University of South Carolina.  Includes a biography and extensive primary and secondary bibliography. "This celebration of
F. Scott Fitzgerald is designed to elevate awareness of a great American writer and coordinate all events in 1996 commemorating the 100th anniversary of his birth." - Spark Notes to The Great Gatsby. - A good study guide for The Great Gatsby. - A fine online study guide for
The Great Gatsby. - A very informative website on American culture during the “Jazz Age.”. - A wonderfully extensive set of Jazz related links around the web.  If it relates to Jazz, it is here.

FORBES, ESTHER - Teacher Cyberguide to
Johnny Tremain.

FRANK, ANNE - Activity One - Series of lesson plans for teaching The Diary of Anne Frank. - A very extensive site which will be useful for teachers. Contains a glossary, lesson plans, a timeline, historical background materials, and a number of links. - This site deals with the Anne Frank House, which now functions as a museum. A good curriculum resource with many good links.

FRAZIER, CHARLES - Contains a review of Cold Mountain, with an excerpt from the novel. - An essay by Charles Frazier recounting his inspiration for the award-winning novel. - A brief summary of Cold Mountain, with some thought provoking study questions.

GAINES, ERNEST - A biographical page on Gaines with synopses of his novels. - More biographical info on Gaines. - From Random House, an excellent teacher’s guide to A Lesson Before Dying.

GIBBONS, KAY - A very extensive and well conceived study guide for Ellen Foster from Random House. - An interesting essay by Melinda L. Franklin which compares Ellen Foster to the Cinderella story. - An essay by Jeanne MacDonald from the Knoxville Writer’s Guild which discusses Southern literature and Kay Gibbons. - A book review of
On The Occasion Of My Last Afternoon. - A short biographical essay on Kay Gibbons.

GINSBERG, ALLEN (Shadow Changes Into Bone) - One of the best websites on the net devoted to the life and work of Allen Ginsberg. - (“Ginsberg, Etc”) - A nice tribute to Ginsberg. Contains poems, images, bibliography, biographical information and links.

GIOVANNI, NIKKI - A nicely designed web page devoted to Nikki Giovanni, including biographical information, upcoming events, and publications.

GOLDING, WILLIAM - A very good website on Lord of the Flies . - SparkNotes to Lord of the Flies.
A series of essay topics and critical commentaries on Lord of the Flies. - The SCORE study guide for  Lord of the Flies. - This site contains a collection of students' summaries, articles, essays and other assignments on William Golding's
novel Lord of the Flies. The various articles have been written by vk I and vk II students at Malvik Videregående Skole . - This website contains descriptions of the main characters, summaries, and themes and symbolism in Lord of the Flies, as well as a 3-dimensional rendering of the island. Additionally, vocabulary words with definitions have been added to the site. If you can't find everything you need here, links are also provided for further reading.

GORDIMER,NADINE - A good biographical essay on Gordimer. -1991.html  Another essay about Gordimer winning the Nobel Prize in 1991. - An interview with Gordimer, from Salon Magazine.

GUEST, JUDITH - Two reviews of Ordinary People with a useful summary of the novel.

HARDY, THOMAS - The Thomas Hardy Association (TTHA) was founded in 1997 to promote the study and appreciation of Hardy's writings in every corner of the world. It maintains for its members a World Wide Web site, with departments focusing on Hardy's life and work, with links to other sites of possible interest to Hardy lovers. TTHA promotes interchanges among its  members by supporting a Forum discussion group, a Poem-of-the-Month page, a Hardy Review, and a page featuring student papers. - Another good website on Hardy, simply organized but filled with lots of useful information. - This is a great online resource for anyone doing research on Thomas Hardy. Contains e-texts, critiques of individual novels, images, a map and a bibliography. - SparkNotes for Tess of the d’Urbervilles. - The index lists alphabetically by title all the photographs in the sections "Photographs -- The Novels" and "Photographs -- Hardy's Life." Each title is linked to the page on which the photo is located. Scroll down the page until it appears. Photos which have been recently added (i.e. during the fall of 1997) are prefixed with "NEW."

HARR, JOHNATHAN - A short synopsis of A Civil Action, with some thoughtful study questions.

HARRIS, THOMAS - The Official Thomas Harris Website, which contains interesting information about the author and his work.

HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - "HTML novels, tales, sketches, including The Scarlet Letter, The House of  the Seven Gables, The Life of Franklin Pierce, Mosses from an Old Manse; life, bibliography, films, operas, notes, glossary, dates timeline, names, places, web of links; for high school and college undergraduate; for teachers; free, non-commercial, no ads, but links to all Hawthorne  resources." - An excellent introduction to Nathaniel Hawthorne, with lesson plans and student and teacher bibliographies from the Yale Teacher’s Institute. - SparkNotes to The Scarlett Letter. - Another excellent study guide to The Scarlett Letter.

HELLER, JOSEPH - A helpful study guide for Catch-22. - A good website, devoted to Heller’s life and career. - Reprint of an interesting article by Robert Young entitled “Deadly Unconscious Logics in Joseph Heller’s Catch-22” which first appeared in The Psychoanalytic Review.

HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The official website of the Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park. A great starting place for Hemingway research on the web. - (Score Notes to The Old
Man and the Sea) - Good study guide to Hemingway’s famous novel. - Another website devoted to The Old Man and the Sea. - SparkNotes to The Old Man and the
Sea. - A nice set of links to Hemingway websites around the net. - A set of essay questions, critical commentaries and links for The Sun Also Rises.

HENRY, O - This page contains several links to criticism of O. Henry's works, both in general and with reference to particular stories.
Contains: Commentary, Criticism, Bibliography - This site provides links to biographies, criticism, online texts, and other related sites. Contains: Full Bio, Pictures, Criticism, Commentary, Webliography, Works Available.

HERSEY, JOHN - Biographical essay on John Hersey. - Reprint of an article entitled “The Publication of Hiroshima in The New Yorker.”

HESSE, HERMAN - In English and German. Articles from The Hesse Journal and Hesse Web Magazine along with an extensive bibliography of secondary materials and news of Hesse events. - A page of essay topics and critical commentaries on Hesse’s novel, Siddhartha. - A short but illuminating essay on Siddhartha.

HILLERMAN, TONY - A biographical essay on Hillerman with a number of useful links. - Links to criticism, profiles and interviews with Tony Hillerman.

HINTON, S.E. - A biographical essay on Hinton and an accompanying interview. - Lesson plans for That Was Then, This Is Now. - “When we first started this group reading project, we wanted to know why S.E. Hinton wrote her books and if all of her books were similar. Our group includes Domenic Esposito, Martin Powell, and Nick Bader. Before the class started the group projects, the whole class read The Outsiders. Our group liked that book very much, so we formed the Hinton crew.” An interesting group project by some ambitious high school students. - This page contains an exercise which can be used to introduce journalism writing to student through their observation of the events within The Outsiders. The exercise is also effective in checking for reading comprehension on the part of the student. - An essay by Hinton on the writing of Tex.

HUGHES, LANGSTON - A very extensive set of links to Hughes’ life and work. An excellent resource for teachers. - Another excellent set of links to Hughes materials around the Web. A very well done site. - A short biography of Hughes. - Teacher guide to the Harlem Renaissance. An excellent resource. - Teacher cyberguide to the poetry of Langston Hughes.

HURSTON, ZORA NEALE - A professsional looking website dedicated to the life and work of Zora Neale Hurston, done by a true enthusiast. - The SCORE cyberguide for Hurston’s novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God.

IBSEN, HENRIK - A nicely done site devoted to the life and work of Henrik Ibsen. - Another Ibsen site, maintained by The Ibsen Centre which was founded in 1922 and is located at the National Library of Oslo.

JAMES, HENRY - An excellent website devoted to Henry James. Also has a number of other interesting literature and reference links.

JOYCE, JAMES - A cleverly designed “gateway” to all things Joycean on the web. Comprehensive, yet simple to use. - Work in Progress, the original Joycean website, is a constellation of resources available to enthusiasts and scholars of the work of James Joyce. - Named for a pub mentioned in Ulysses (the Brazen Head), this is a visually stunning website devoted to James Joyce, courtesy of “The Great Quail.”

KAFKA, FRANZ - A very scholarly website devoted to Kafka’s life and work. Many good links. - Another very good site devoted to Kafka’s life and work.

KEROUAC, JACK - If you are interested in finding links to Jack Kerouac and Beat sites, this is the place to look. This list is bought to you courtesy
of DHARMA beat, A Jack Kerouac publication.

KESEY, KEN - A good Kesey bibliography, courtesy of Levi Asher, creator of Literary Kicks. - Ken Kesey page, also by Levi Asher. - A fairly good study guide to One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest - Criticism of Kesey’s life and work by Matthew Rick.

KEYES, DANIEL - A nice website which focuses mostly on Flowers for Algernon. Contains a biography, a bibliography, interviews and FAQ’s. - A good lesson which will help teachers introduce Flowers For Algernon to younger students.

KINCAID, JAMAICA - A very thorough and well organized website on Kincaid’s life and work. A good starting point for researching this author on the web. - A short biographical essay on Kincaid. - An interview with Jamaica Kincaid by Kay Bonnetti from The Missouri Review.

KING, STEPHEN -A site of reviews, links, and references concerning the author Stephen King. - The official website of author Stephen King. Not quite as good as one might expect from an “official” site.

KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - A good website dedicated to Barbara Kingsolver with bibliography, an interview, background, etc.

KNOWLES, JOHN - SparkNotes to A Separate Peace. - A short biographical essay on John Knowles. - An essay by Knowles in which he reminisces about his days as a student at Exeter. - A concise study guide to A Separate Peace.

LAWRENCE, JEROME& LEE, ROBERT E. - Biographical essay on the lives and careers of  playwrights Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. This essay contains numerous links. - Online study guide, resources and background material for Inherit the Wind. - Some useful background material on the Scopes “Monkey Trial.” - A very large index of resources on the evolution/creationsim controversy and its impact on American cultural and political life. This is a good place to look for an introduction to the evolution “controversy.”

LEE, HARPER - This excellent site includes information on both the novel and film of To Kill a Mockingbird, answers to frequently asked questions, background on the town on which the novel's setting was based, links to other sites, and an extensive bibliography of critical sources. Also provides biographical information about the author and her family, and the full text of several essays she has written. - This site gives biographical information on Harper Lee and others of her family members including her parents and siblings. - Study guide for To Kill a Mockingbird. - Another set of Score Notes for
TKAM. - Score Notes to the novel. - A simplified approach to
teaching To Kill A Mockingbird. - SparkNotes for TKAM. - A good website on how to teach To Kill A Mockingbird, with activities, FAQ’s, essays, a map, biographical information, a bibliography and a number of links. - “This website has been set up to be an annotation to the text of the novel (annotations are notes that explain things). As you travel through the site, you'll find more than 400 annotations to help you get more out of your reading. Many of the annotations contain links to pictures or other websites to further help you in understanding your reading.” - A wealth of online resources for the study and teaching of To Kill A Mockingbird. Many excellent links.

LESSING, DORIS - Possibly the only site devoted to Lessing on the entire web.

LONDON, JACK - (The Jack London Collection) - A
fine website devoted to Jack London. Many good links. - SparkNotes to The Call of the Wild - A very interesting website devoted to the teaching of  The Call of the Wild. Students learn about dogs, their individual temperaments, and how to read this story from a non-human perspective.

LOVECRAFT, H.P. - This well designed site serves as an introduction to Lovecraft's life and works, plus provides numerous pointers to print and Internet-based resources relating to his creations, criticism by and of Lovecraft, and Lovecraft in popular culture. - Includes a biographical sketch, links on works available online, and an annotated listing critical and information Websites.

 MALAMUD,BERNARD - Biographical essay on Malamud. - Good website on Malamud with lots of great links.

MARQUEZ, GABRIEL, GARCIA - An interesting hypertextual collection of  biography, bibliography, images and criticism.

McCARTHY, CORMAC - Info about the Cormac McCarthy Society, previews and excerpts of works, bibliography, and discussions. - The Cormac McCarthy Forum, a place to exchange ideas and information about the author. Has some useful links, too. - An excellent study guide to
All The Pretty Horses.

McCULLERS, CARSON - The official home page of  The Carson McCullers Society. Nicely organized with many useful links and resources.

MELVILLE, HERMAN - A scholarly website on Melville’s work linked to a number of available e-texts. - SparkNotes to Moby Dick.

MILLER, ARTHUR - Links that will be useful for anyone researching or reading Death of a Salesman. - A good overview of  Death of A Salesman. - SparkNotes to Death of A Salesman. - A very well thought out online study guide to Death of A Salesman. - A wonderful website devoted to
introducing students to The Crucible. Contains excellent background information. - Another useful study guide to
The Crucible - Another website for
Miller’s play with lots of useful links on the Salem witchcraft trials and Puritanism. - Another web site which focuses on
teaching The Crucible in conjunction with the 1996 film, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul
Scofield and Winona Ryder. - SparkNotes to The Crucible

MILLER, WALTER - An excellent study guide to A Canticle for Leibowitz, with lots of useful links. - An interesting book review by Steven Silver of A Canticle for Leibowitz.

MILTON, JOHN - This site supports the discussion group devoted to the life, literature and times of the poet John Milton. We hope to be a comprehensive index for  information on Milton. You can find the archives of the group (founded at the University of Richmond in 1991) here, as well as links to e-texts,  images, audio and information on Milton.

MISHIMA, YUKIO  - “The Mishima Yukio Museum (Bungakukan) to be built in the Lake Yamanaka Library Grove (Bungaku-no-mori) overlooking Mount Fuji has inspired this website. The architecture of the museum is based on Mishima's western-style residential home. The writer's works, manuscripts and about 700 personal items are stored in this museum.In anticipation of the museum, we present through the internet The Mishima Yukio Cyber Museum. The Cyber Museum will consist of an index of items stored in the museum, an introduction of some of the displayed items, Mishima's biography, reference maps, questions answered by top researchers, and a forum of comments for the museum. The Cyber Museum is produced in an effort to introduce the world renowned writer and his remarkable works to as many people as possible.”

MOORE, MARIANNE - The official page of the Marianne Moore Society.

MORRISON, TONI - A very complete index of Toni Morrison resources on the Internet. - Contains analysis and summaries of the author's works, biography, and links to other online resources. - A page of essay topics and critical commentaries. Useful for anyone writing an essay on Song of Solomon. - Links to critical sources on Morrison’s work. - A short synopsis of Song of Solomon.

OATES, JOYCE CAROL (Celestial Timepiece) A visually stunning, scholarly website devoted to this prolific writer.

O’BRIEN, TIM - This is an excellent website dedicated to the life and work of Tim O’Brien with excerpts from his novels, interviews, and a number of useful links. - Online article on Tim O’Briens’ work entitled “Plausibility of Denial.” - An illuminating interview with Tim O’Brien by Dave Edelman.

O’NEILL, EUGENE - A biographical essay on O’Neill. - An autobiographical essay by O’Neill himself, written for the Nobel Foundation. - Links to a number of interesting essays on O’Neill’s work. - PAL entry for O’Neill, with biographical info, an extended bibliography, and study questions.

ORWELL, GEORGE - A well organized website on one of the most influential political writers of the twentieth century. - Contains summaries and interpretations of Orwell’s more famous novels like Animal Farm, 1984 and some more. - Courtesy of McDougal-Littell, an excellent study guide for Animal Farm. - Some good lesson plans, student activities, and links for Animal Farm. - A good website which focuses on how to teach Animal Farm in conjunction with the movie. Provides excellent background information. - Links to the best Orwell sites on the net. - (The Chestnut Tree
Cafe) - Named after Winston Smith’s favorite watering hole, this website contains much useful information on Orwell. - SparkNotes to 1984.

PATON, ALAN - Teacher Cyberguide to Paton’s novel Cry the Beloved Country. Contains good lesson plans, student activities, writing assignments, and links. Biography, links, and an examination of the influences on Paton's writing and life. - A short biographical essay with an extensive bibliography.

PIERCY, MARGE - A very extensive website about Marge Piercy. Contains reviews, FAQ’s, a bibliography, references, links, etc.

PERCY, WALKER - Developed by Henry P. Mills, provides information about Percy as Artist, Philosopher, Scientist, his Fiction and Philosophy, and Scholarly Resources and Bibliographies

POE, EDGAR  ALLEN - (The Edgar Allen Poe Society of Baltimore) - The Society’s website, which is among the better ones to be found on the web. - Another very good Poe website. Contains many useful links. - Contains some quality links to Poe sites around the web. - An excellent source for reliable Poe criticism, organized by Martha Womack. - A good introduction to Poe; this website identifies recurring themes and motifs in Poe and explains how to interpret them. Excellent for younger students.

POTOK, CHAIM - A very extensive and well organized website on Chaim Potok, author of The Chosen. - The Ballantine Teacher’s Guide to The Chosen. Excellent resources and links. - A bibliography of scholarly writings on Chaim Potok.

REMARQUE, ERICH MARIA  - The Ballantine Teacher’s Guide to All Quiet on the Western Front. Well organized. - A well written biographical essay on Remarque’s life. - An interesting website on Remarque with links to an extensive archive and an image database. - Another website with essays, a plot synopsis, and character analyses. - A series of interesting essay topics for  All Quiet on the Western Front. - The SCORE cyberguide to All Quiet on the Western Front with lessons, activities and a number of useful links to online resources.

RICE, ANNE - A very professional looking website on the life and work of Anne Rice. Contains lots of interesting information, books reviews, audio files, a bibliography and links. - Biographical information and great links to all that is Anne Rice and her Gothic world.

RUSHDIE, SALMAN - A simple but very extensive web site on the controversial author Salman Rushdie. As one might expect, there are numerous free speech links and resources to be found here.

SALINGER, J.D. - Online study guide to Catcher in the
Rye - A very good study guide to Catcher in the Rye. - A good website on Salinger with lots of  useful links. - A short essay by Tim Lieder on Catcher in the Rye - A page index for Catcher in the Rye. - An excellent Salinger page. It offers several FAQs, lists of his works, bibliographies of critical works and interviews, and lots of other information.
Contains: Extensive Bio, Interview, Bibliography, Works List, Works Available, - This site provides a short biographical sketch plus links to online texts and other information about J. D. Salinger.

SANTIAGO, ESMERELDA - An interview with Santiago, by Nili Moghaddam. - A short biographical essay on Santiago, with a bibliography and links. - This page contains information on a number of Puerto Rican authors, with a link to a page of reviews and background information on Santiago. - An excellent study guide to Santiago’s novel, When I Was Puerto Rican.

SCHAEFER, JACK - “To the best of our knowledge, this page is the only source of information on Schaefer on the Internet. Additional material and links will be added, time permitting, as new information becomes available. Suggestions are welcome from general readers and students, as well as from literature specialists.” - Schaefer Studies is an informal on-line journal devoted to the work and life of Jack Schaefer. We welcome submissions from scholars and critics.

SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (Shakespearean Glossary) - An extensive glossary of the more obscure words and phrases in Shakespeare’s plays. (SHAKESPEARE ILLUSTRATED) - Reproductions of the many paintings based on Shakespeare's plays are provided at this site, alphabetically by artist, or by play. Commentary provides the students with information on the painting as well as its relationship to the play. - Maintained by Terry Gray of Palomar College, one of the best sources for Shakespearean research on the web. Contains scholarly papers, a Shakespearean timeline, historical background, teacher resources, biographical information, textual criticism, images and numerous links. - An archive of texts gathered from around the net by Matty Farrow. Some have been marked up in html. Others are straight ascii. Includes plays and poetry. - Includes plays and poetry. The text is derived from UNC Sunsite and is not without errors, but otherwise very useful. Plays and poetry are keyword searchable and also contain hypertext links to a glossary of Shakespearean word usage. - The SCORE cyberguide to Hamlet, with a number of very useful lesson, student activities, and links to online Shakepearean resources. - Another excellent study guide to Hamlet, complete with essay questions, homework assignments, and useful links. - A SCORE cyberguide to Romeo and Juliet. Excellent resource for younger students. - A fine study guide for Romeo and Juliet from KidReach, an online resource for language arts studies. Lessons and activities are well thought out. - The SCORE cyberguide to Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest. - (SHAKESPEARE THEME PAGE)
This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of Shakespeare. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. - (EVERYTHING SHAKESPEARE) - “This site contains his complete works with summaries. Free essays on his work. A history of the man himself. Links to other Shakespeare resources. We also have provided a message board for those who want to talk to others about Shakespeare.” (SHAKESPEARE ALIVE!) “The materials that are listed below are techniques that I have acquired from several sources. Some of them I created myself. Most of these materials were acquired from a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer program I attended in the summer of 1990 at Southern Oregon State College, and associated with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Some of these I use; others I have never used, so I don't guarantee the quality or effectiveness of anything here...though most of it is terrific!!”  (Jeff Flygare, creator of this web site) (THE SHAKESPEARE CLASSROOM)
“This series of pages was originally intended for students who wish to study the works of William Shakespeare at the late high school or introductory college level. My e-mail, however, suggests that others have been using  these pages for a wide variety of purposes and at a wide range of levels--graduate students preparing to teach the Bard for the first time, home-school groups looking for more information, and elementary school
students and teachers looking for quick summaries of major issues in the plays, to name a few. So feel free to browse around this site, whatever your level, and see what you can use. I include links here to syllabuses and schedules that I have actually used in classes at Washington State University; I also include study questions for the individual plays. I have not yet made up questions for every play, so if you see no questions for the
play you want to study, email me. I also have study questions for a limited  number of Renaissance plays NOT authored by Shakespeare. Again, if you would like to see study questions for other plays of the English Renaissance, please email your requests to me. Finally, I include links to other pages of related interest by other Webmasters. Some of these are about issues which are argued in the world of Shakespearean studies, some of these are about theatrical developments, and some of these are just plain fun. If you have any corrections, comments, or updates, please email me directly.” - (FOLGER SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY) Since 1984, the Folger Shakespeare Library has held ten Teaching Shakespeare Institutes funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. These Institutes bring together the country's most talented teachers with scholars, master teachers, and actors and offer classroom teachers the opportunity to research in the world's foremost Shakespeare collection. The '98 Institute focused specifically on disseminating that research worldwide through the teacher-created lesson plans that you'll find in this site. - This WWW server houses the complete works of William Shakespeare. In addition, there is a Shakespeare discussion area, a search engine, links to other resources on the Internet, a chronological listing of plays, and Bartlett's familiar Shakespearean quotations. - (“THE SHAKESPEAREAN HOMEWORK HELPER”) “At this site students can ask questions about Shakespeare, his plays and the history of England while he was alive. The author of the site will help students complete homework on Shakespeare, NOT by giving students the answers, but rather by directing them to resources where they can find the answers for themselves.” - A very good unit devoted to the teaching of Macbeth. (“THE SHAKESPEARE CORNER”) Included within this site are three lesson plans for teaching units on Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, and Hamlet. Lessons include student activities plus links to Internet resources. (“CHILL WITH WILL”) - The goal of this ThinkQuest site is to help high school students to learn to love Shakespeare. "Our website provides an overview on Shakespeare that is both easy to go through yet thoroughly researched, conveniently accessible, and full of illustrations and games to make learning about Shakespeare enjoyable. Our focus is not on learning everything you can about the great Bard, but on discovering different aspects of Shakespeare that appeal to teenagers. Instead of providing extensive information on all of his works, we focus on a few works that high school students most likely will study. Our website provides a place where students can 'chill with Will' and learn to love Shakespeare because we believe that if a person has the desire to learn something, he/she can do it."

SHELLEY, MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT - A detailed chronology, along with full text of reviews of Shelley's work from the time period and links to other Shelley sites. - This paper examines the role of Frankenstein in the age of Science and Reason.(Franz Potter) - Another well organized site devoted to Mary Shelley with much useful scholarly material and many good links. - SparkNotes to Frankenstein. - An excellent online study guide to Frankenstein.

SHUTE, NEVIL - A professionally done website with book reviews, a bibliography, a filmography, links and much more.

SINCLAIR, UPTON - A short biographical essay on Sinclair, with a bibliography. - SparkNotes to The Jungle. - An online study guide and essay question for The Jungle. - Text of a letter to President Roosevelt, in which Sinclair supported the presence of federal inspectors in the meat-packing houses, but he advised that inspectors should come disguised as workingmen to discover the true conditions, as Sinclair did when he researched his book. - Excerpts from an online discussion on The Jungle. This could be a good source for writing topics on the novel. - This site contains biographical information on Upton Sinclair. -This site on Upton Sinclair includes a biography, chronology, and links to other sources.  Contains: Full Bio, Webliography, Timeline, Bibliography

SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER - A great page by Katharena Eiermann with critical thought, and a comprehensive view of the man. Pretty much all you need. - Critical essays, links and commentary on A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.

SPENSER, EDMUND - Maintained at Cambridge University, this is an  authoritative and well organized web site on the life and work of the renaissance poet Edmund Spenser.

STEINBECK, JOHN - A website that has a lot of online materials, links to other
significant college-level sites and novel guides. - The John Steinbeck Home Page has primary texts, secondary texts and related links. It's professionally done and a nice site. (Score Notes to Of Mice and
Men) - A useful study guide to Steinbeck’s novel with lots of good links. - (Study Guide for Of Mice and
Men) - A brief but very useful study guide to the novel. - A fine online study guide for the novel Of Mice and Men. - An excellent thematic summary to Of Mice and Men. - A very fine study guide to The Grapes of Wrath. Contains excellent lessons, links and resources. - SparkNotes to The Grapes of Wrath. - A supplemental cyberguide to The Pearl, by Linda-Taggart Fregoso, in the Schools of California Online Resources for Educators. (SCORE) - Steinbeck: The California Novels: is a wonderful site with maps of Cannery Row, lots of other links, etc.

STEVENS, WALLACE - A very clever tribute to the life and work of Wallace Stevens.

STOKER, BRAM - A good resource on Stoker’s most famous work, Dracula, with a bibliography, gallery of images, background information and links. - The Bram Stoker/Dracula Centennial Conference Dracula Studies Home Page: An Ongoing Project Dedicated to Scholarship in Dracula Studies. For anyone looking to take a more scholarly approach to the novel.

STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - SparkNotes to Uncle Tom’s Cabin. - Discusses Stowe's religious background and its effects on her writing. - This site provides biographical information on Harriet Beecher Stowe. - A look at Stowe's life and her activities in Hartford.

STRAUB, PETER - A website devoted to Peter Straub, award winning author of Ghost Story.

TAN, AMY - A marvelous resource for Amy Tan studies around the web. Contains dozens of useful links. - An interesting essay on
Chinese-American women in American culture. Contains links to other essays on Amy Tan. - SparkNotes to The Joy Luck Club. - The Ballantine Teacher’s Guide to The Joy Luck Club.

THOREAU, HENRY DAVID - A useful site for anyone interested in the history of American Transcendentalism. - This web page, put together by Alicia Sullivan, is an excellent set of lessons and resources perfect for introducing students to American Transcendentalism.

TWAIN, MARK: - (Teacher CyberGuide: Censorship and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) - A large index of websites pertaining to the censorship of Twain’s novel and strategies for teaching it to high school students. - From "The Mining Company" and Jim Zwick. This page lists an impressive collection of resources by or about Mark Twain. They range from texts of his books to an analysis of his character's appearance on Star Trek: The Next Generation. - (Ever the Twain Shall Meet) - Provides a bibliography, articles, essays and entire novels in HTML of Mark Twain. Includes a great deal of information on Twain, the author of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Tom Sawyer, and many more. This is a great online resource. - The SCORE cyberguide to Twain’s story, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County. - A set of great links to websites that deal with Twain’s life and work. Check out the lead article on the censorship of Twain’s novel Huckleberry Finn in Oklahoma.

UPDIKE, JOHN  (THE CENTAURIAN) - “This Web Page is designed to provide information and promote discussion about writer John Updike's life and work. As employed in his third novel, published in 1963, the Greek mythological figure of the Centaur--half human and half horse--represents the ambiguity of human existence. It symbolizes both the soaring energies of spiritual transcendence which provoke anxiety and hope, and the captive energies of physical embodiment which generate suffering and pleasure. In all his writings he has never failed to address the agonies and ecstasies these tangled energies generate in human life. The Centaurian seems therefore an especially appropriate title for this page. It captures the focus of Updike's work in every genre. And, happily, he continues to write.” - This New York Times page includes link to a large number of articles related to Updike - including articles he wrote, real audio interviews of him, and reviews of his books.,5744,71531,00.html - "Interviews author John Updike. His recent work; Thoughts on not being listed on the recent list of greatest novels in the twentieth century; Favorite writers; State of literature now; Publishing in fiction and nonfiction."

VONNEGUT, KURT - This site includes various Vonnegut resources, including FAQs, a list of available works, media adaptations, Vonnegut's influences on musical groups, and an extremely useful collection of links. Contains: Webliography, Works List, Works Available, Pictures, Commentary - A large collection of web sites about Vonnegut and his writings. These include biographical information, bibliographies, pictures, book synopses and criticism, and mailing lists.

WALKER, ALICE - A frequently updated site with a
biography, a list of works, and numerous links to web resources. - Another website devoted to Alice Walker, done by a true enthusiast. - An excellent online study guide to The Color Purple. - Write-up of a 1992 interview with Walker on the topics of her writings, her philosophies,
and her life. Some background information on the "Possessing the Secret of Joy". Contains: Interview, Pictures, Sketch

WELLS, H.G. - The H.G. Wells Resource Site. An excellent place to start researching Wells on the web. - A short biography on Wells. - A wonderful study guide to The Time Machine. - A very useful study guide for The War of the Worlds.

WHARTON, EDITH - “The Edith Wharton Society offers Wharton scholars and other interested persons an opportunity to share in the study and appreciation of the life and works of this author. Through annual meetings, sessions, special conferences, and its journal, The Edith Wharton Review, the Society provides a forum for Wharton studies.” - A long biographical essay on Wharton’s life, with an extensive bibliography. - A great set of links on Wharton’s life and work. - An overview of Wharton’s life and work, with critical sources - An excellent study guide to Ethan Frome.

WHITMAN, WALT  (Walt Whitman Collection) - “This collection
offers access to the four Walt Whitman Notebooks and a cardboard butterfly that
disappeared from the Library of Congress in 1942. They were returned on 2/24/95

http://jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU/whitman/ - This is a great jumping off point for doing any kind of research on line for Walt Whitman. This site from the University of Virginia allows access to biographical information, scanned versions of some of Whitman's works, and a bibliography. Contains: Sketch, Pictures, Commentary, Works List, Bibliography

http://jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU/whitman/reviews/index.html - This site leads the reader to a plethora of contemporary reviews of Walt Whitman's works. Contains: Commentary, Criticism

WIESEL, ELIE - A useful study guide to Elie Wiesel’s Holocaust memoir, Night. - (SCORE Notes to Night) -
Another set of excellent links to supplement the reading of Wiesel’s book.

WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - The PAL entry for Williams, which contains biographical info, an extended bibliography, study questions and analyses of some of  his works. - Study guide for A Streetcar Named Desire. Simple, but extensive. - The SCORE study guide for
The Glass Menagerie. An excellent resource for this play. - An interesting essay entitled “Love and Death in Tennessee Williams,” by John Fritscher, PHD. - This site from the University of Mississippi provides a lengthy biography on
TennesseeWilliams as well as links to other places to get information. Contains: Full Bio, Pictures, Awards, Works List

WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The official website of The Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain. - A series of links containing essays, bibliographies, resources and e-texts pertaining to Woolf’s fiction.

WRIGHT, RICHARD - An excellent website on the life, work and critical importance of Richard Wright. Contains teacher resources, background materials, chronology, biographical information and a photo archive.

YEATS, W.B. - A concise page dedicated to the work of William Butler Yeats.