:::Welcome to Mrs. Cole's Immigration Web Quest:::


During the years between 1820 and 1924, thirty-five million people came to America from countries around the world. For most of them, the trip to America was difficult and dangerous. When they arrived in America, most immigrants had to go to a place called Ellis Island. At Ellis Island, immigrants were inspected before they were allowed into the United States. By completing these activities, you will learn about some of these experiences and why the United States is called "Nations of all Nations". No single place is more responsible for making the United States the most diverse multicultural mosaic in the world than Ellis Island, which is right here in the New York Bay.
Today almost 50% of all American citizens can trace their ancestry to those who came through Ellis Island. Most came to America from countries all over the world, as passengers booked in steerage class, on the many steamships that were ferried to Ellis Island for inspection. The vast majority had very little money and brought only the baggage they could carry. They endured a difficult and dangerous journey because of dreams of a new life filled with economic opportunity, religious freedom, and political liberty.

What would it be like to be on one of those ships? Did an ancestor immigrate in your family come through Ellis Island?

  • Students will have a (Scrapbook) notebook to write down the information they find and will create a web page in Microsoft Word.
  • Students will use the NYCBOE Library Ebsco Resources to collect information on the database.
  • Students will use the internet in order to view original pictures taken during the immigration period at Ellis Island and place these in Word.
  • Students will build their their vocabulary by completing a Word Search by defining the words related to the project.
  • Students will gain an understanding of the impact immigrants have made on the American culture.
  • Students will develop their interviewing and writing skills by interviewing a person who is an immigrant from another country to the United States and publishing their story on the web for others to read.

STEP ONE: You will need to go to the dictionaryto look up these words and write them into your Scrapbook.

|Ancestor |Inspection |Migration |Famine
|deport| detain

You may also use the wikipedia website to look up these words.

Ellis Island Tour
Activity: Please use your scrapbook first, than type this after into word document.
1. Take the complete Ellis Island Tour. Take notes in your scrapbook.You can copy any photos that you find interesting onto your WORD document or print them for your scrapbook. (Right Click on Image-Go to Copy-Go into Word-Right Click-Paste)
You must answer these questions and put them into your word document!
2) When did the Ellis Island Immigration Station open?
3) Why was it built?
4) List the steps in the arrival process. What would a future immigrant want to know about the process before coming? After exploring the site, write a paragraph of a letter to a future immigrant telling him/her what to expect.



Angel Island Home Page

Activity: Please use your scrapbook first, than type this after into word document.
1. Go to Historic Sites - Immigration Station. Read about the West Coast Immigration Station. Be sure to check out the ANGEL/CAM and photo gallery. ANSWER ON WORD: When did the Angel Island Immigration Station Open? Why was it built?
2. What was the difference in processing time between Ellis Island and Angel Island? Write at least two sentences explaining why there might be a difference in the experiences of the immigrants at Ellis and and those at Angel?
3. What were 'paper sons' and 'paper daughters' ?


Angel Island Poetry

Activity: Please use your scrapbook first, than type this after into word document.
1. How did many detained immigrants express their feelings?
2. Pretend you are an immigrant detained for several weeks on Angel Island. Write a poem that you might have brushed or carved on the wall. Express your feelings about leaving your homeland, being detained on the island or your dreams for a new life.
3. Did you learn anything new or surprising through visiting this site? Explain.

Tenement Museum

Activity: Please use your scrapbook first, than type this after into word document.
1. Over 10,000 people lived at 97 Orchard Street between the years 1870 and 1915.
2. Click on several floors and take notes on who has lived there in l870 and 1915. What changes did you note? What can you conclude about the families and neighborhood at each time in history by the changes you observed?
3. How did the families organize their space?
4. Make a list of activities that took place in each room.
5. What things take place in your home today that do not or could not in 1900?

Yesterday & Today: Immigration Site
Activity: Please use your scrapbook first, than type this after into word document.
You will prepare yourself to interview someone who was born in another country and moved to America.
At this web site, click on Oral History Report.
Read steps 1 & 2 in conducting an interview. Print out the questions to ask during the interview listed in step 3.
Conduct your interview. When available, publish your interview as step six in Microsoft word.

Life In New York City
Activity: Please use your scrapbook first, than type this after into word document.
1. Take a look at the three photographs on this page.
2. Click on Handout One. Print it out. Answer the questions.
3. Copy and paste each picture onto your Word document. Write a caption for each.

Immigrant Stories
Activity: Please use your scrapbook first, than type this after into word document.
1. Choose two or more life histories from the list below. Read and compare the American journeys of these people.
2. Take notes on the stories.Are there any similarities in their history? What are they?
3. Are there any differences in how they came to America and their lives after arrival? What are they?

Immigration statistics
Please use your scrapbook first, than type this after into word document.
1. Click on the link. Read the page.
2. Summarize your findings by copying the chart at the bottom of the page.
3. In the years from 1880-1900, what nationalities were the most dominant group of immigrants?

Immigrant Wall of Honor
Activity: Please use your scrapbook first, than type this after into word document.
1. Find out the history and meaning of your first name. Explore the Immigrant Wall of Honor to see if any relatives have their name there.
2. Record the information about first name on the quilt piece or coat of arms in your scrapbook.

Personal reflection piece.
What have you learned about immigration?
Who in your family immigrated to the United States? What country did they come from.
Did they have to go through Ellis Island or Angel Island?
Collect ten photo's from the Ebsco Web siteon immigration.

Choose one article and tell us about it.


Statue of Liberty Paper Model
NYCBOE EBSCO Library Database web site
Buffalo & Erie Historical Society
Timeline Pictures of Ellis Island
On the Trail of the Immigrant
All Cultures, The Immigrant **
A Great webquest On Immigration

Library Of Congress



Above Standard
At Standard

2 Approaching
Below Standard
Completed all Vocabulary Words
Completed Ellis Island Tour and Answered Questions
Completed the Visit to Angel Island and Answered Questions.
Reviewed the Angel Island Poetry and Created a Poem
Visited the Tenement Museum and created lists.
Conducted and Interview and Published it in Microsoft Word
Life in NYC: Created Captions
Completed Immigrant Stories ( Comparing)
Completed Immigrant Chart
Found your name and Coat of Arms
Writing Activities

Below are Parts of your web quest that you need to have.
Immigration Scrapbook        
Microsoft Web page Complete.        
Reader Response Journal        
Uses online resources appropriately        
Sentences are clear, complete
Conventions of grammar, spelling, punctuation
Gives enough details to give the reader
sense of time, place, and events
was complete with pictures and information.
Congratulations, you have completed the Web Quest, Welcome to America!
You should be much more aware of how the immigrants felt when coming through Ellis Island during the late 19th and early 20th century and to appreciate all their struggles once they arrived in America . You should have more knowledge about the history of the Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty as well.
This Web Quest should have given you the opportunity to research your own family's immigration history and appreciate why America was given the name "land of opportunity, liberty, and freedom" by these early immigrants.