Table Mazes Using Microsoft Word


Part 1:

Open a new Word document.

Click on Tables and Borders button.

Create a table with 14 rows and 14 columns.

Highlight entire table to double space the cells.

Format Paragraph Line Spacing Double

Type the words START and END at some point on the outside of the grid.

Create a path between START and END by using the BORDER icon on the tables toolbar to remove cell walls.

****Do Print Previews to see how your maze is coming along****


Part 2:

Decide on a theme for your maze.

Use Word Art to place a title on your maze.

Insert picture Word your choice

Place title at top center of the document.

Select areas to insert clip art that reflect your theme.

4 to 9 cells should be highlighted thenMERGE cells by selecting the Merge Cell button on the table toolbar.

Insert a clip art into each area where you have merged cells.

Insert picture clipart

Set layout of selected picture to in front of text.

Adjust size of clips to fit into the various merged cells.


Part 3:

After constructing additional paths to form dead ends in your maze, remove all unnecessary cell borders using the BORDER button once again.

****Use Print Preview to decide where your maze needs work****

Type your name and class in the lower right corner of the document


Save your work as: maze(last name)(class)