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January 27, 2010
Message from Daryl Blank, Principal of the High School of Fashion Industries:


Unfortunately, the snow cancelled the United States History exam.  New York State WILL NOT be giving this exam again until June.  The exam will not be given tomorrow (Friday).  If you have an exam scheduled for Friday (January 28) then report for this exam.  Otherwise, report to school on Monday, January 31 between 10am - 11am for your new Metrocards and Tuesday, February 1 for the start of classes.

Our School in the News:


Student Announcer is a Junior at HSFIsoundbitemore....

Best Schools in the Country 2007 - 2010

The Progress Reports have been released - for the 4th consecutive year the High School of Fashion Industries has received an A - our score was in the 96th percentile of all high school citywide. 

U.S. News & World Reportin collaboration with School Evaluation Services, a K-12 education and data research and analysis business that provides parents with education
data on schoolmatters.com— analyzed academic and enrollment data from more than
18,000 public high schools to find the very best across the country. The High School of Fashion Industries was listed in this report as one of the very best schools in the country
for the fourth year in a row.

The High School of Fashion Industries Students Receive Scholarships from the
Black Retail Action Group at 39th Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala.

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H S of Fashion Industries one of 25 High Schools to Receive Award
NYC School’s Chancellor, Mr. Joel Klein gave a special award to schools having earned highest quality review rating and an A on the Progress Report. Only 134 schools in NYC were given the special recognition. Of these schools there were only25 High Schools.

Our Mission..

The mission of the High School of Fashion Industries is to provide challenging, creative, and effective vocational, technical and academic training for New York
City students. The faculty and administration of our school, working with the cooperation of the parents and student body, seek to provide a unique learning experience and a specially tailored program for all students who have an interest in a fashion related field.

Our mission has several components:
To offer programs which provide every student with the opportunity to excel, academically, vocationally, technically and/ or socially.
To foster skills and work habits, enabling students to succeed academically, mature socially, and develop physically, leading to success both during and after the high school experience.
To develop programs preparing students to be active and collaborative participants in a democratic, multicultural society and highly complex technological world.
To provide students with applicable, hands-on learning experiences, encouraging
the development of skills needed to succeed in the fashion industries and/ or
post-secondary educational experiences.
To devise programs which merge academic and vocational knowledge and skills, helping students see unity within the diversity of learning.
To strengthen ties with the business community providing students access to the latest innovations and technological advances, and to special enrichments and on-the-job training.
To foster professionalism and collaboration among the entire school community, drawing upon the unique talents and expertise of that community.



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  Social Studies  

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